Let's take a few minutes and talk about the kind of cameras we like to shoot with.


Shooting video can be an arduously technical task. There are so many factors to consider when capturing a moving image. You have to consider things like the system frequency you should be shooting in, frame rate, file codec, file container, color space, bit depth and rate.... I could keep going. Every job has it's own unique characteristics and therefore each job has its own specific needs in regards to how we capture it's visuals. Knowing our cameras inside and out, knowing what every camera setting and file type is optimized for each shoot we perform, this is one of the major reasons to our efficiency in workflow, quality of work, and success with our clients. We've spent years getting to know our gear and the very technical aspects involved. 

I'm going to list some of the cameras we own and shoot with below to give you an idea of where our expertise in this industry is strongest:

Canon 5D Mark III

Panasonic GH4

Sony A7s II

Sony FS7

Canon C100 Mark II

GoPro Hero 6 Black

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Phantom Vision+

DJI Ronin M

That's just to name a few. There are a LOT of other cameras and essential camera add-ons on the market. While the same basics apply to most cameras, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, the way that information is saved and transferred to an editing platform makes a huge difference and all cameras are unique in their own way. We are very proud of our depth of knowledge in this field and we are very happy to share our knowledge with you through our work together. 

Have a job that requires a pro and some high end gear? Then we're what you've been looking for. Contact us today :)

Signing off,

Matthew Dockery

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