Yes we take nice pictures but not for hire. Let me explain....


So I came from a background in photography. Oh hi, my name is Matthew by the way, in case this is the first blog post you're reading of ours. 

Many years ago when I was still sitting in my nine-to-five cubicle, I had taken up the hobby of photography. I found it to be the most wonderful addition of vibrance and color to my extremely dull life at the time (cubicle life is not for me) and I spent a lot of free time wandering around my community, Lakeland FL at the time, and taking lots of landscape photos. Over time I got better and better at it and eventually people started reaching out to me asking if I was available for hire. Long story short, this is what led me to leave that cubicle job and move to Key West. 

Eventually, there came a time that I realized I enjoyed editing and sharing videos more than I did photos. The need to specialize in one or the other came into play and now I, DockLight Productions, we do not shoot photos for hire. 

Another reason for this is simple. There are all these really amazing photographers here on this little island of Key West. I found that by not competing with them and sticking strictly to videography, we get along much better, we don't compete. This way, I'm able to forward all the photography inquiries I get to my photographer friends, and they do the same back to me with their video inquiries. It's kind of like a match made in heaven. 

So I hope this explains a little bit about why DockLight Productions doesn't compete in the photography market. We do have lots of amazing friends who do and we are more than happy to share our list of preferred vendors with you upon asking. Just shoot us a quick message and we'll be more than happy to get you in touch with the right photographer for you. 

Signing off,

Matthew Dockery